Melbourne Cup weekend 2019

Melbourne Cup weekend 2019

New side project under the name of ‘BLACK GOLD TEXAS TEA’. A heavier style of blues rock instrumentals and original material.

Check out the page to hear some songs.../black-gold-texas-tea

Alana Di Giacomo who creates all the great artwork and design of my CD’s, has an online gallery now. Visit
and experience her limitless talent. CD album covers are in the ‘other’ section.


New ‘Best of” Compilation 2013-2016 CD Milestones, 21 classic tracks. Hard Copy only, available at gigs or contact for mail order $18 incl.postage.

Milestones Review by Bernie Bicknell 

The melody is always the hero with John Francis Carroll. No guitar gymnastics or complicated 
arrangements for him. Allow the listener to hear the beauty of the song. “Milestones”, John’s latest 
album, is testimony to this. It is John’s “Best Of” and includes the works of some our best known and 
most loved modern songwriters. 
The selection of songs will come as no surprise to his regular audience at Victoria Market, where he has 
become a fixture in his laneway spot. A Saturday morning coffee without “While My Guitar Gently 
Weeps” or “Rhiannon” seems incomplete. I am usually one of the few punters bold enough to yell out a 
request from his repertoire. ‘Hey, John, my guest hasn’t heard you play “Albatross”. How about it?” 
Five tracks on the album are, unsurprisingly, Beatles compositions. All are wonderful tunes, which come 
to life as instrumentals. The fact that three of them were penned by George Harrison reinforces what a 
wonderful songwriter he became when he got his chance late in the Beatles history. Two songs from 
Marl Knopfler also reinforce what a fine songwriter he has been. It’s a strong line-up, including John 
Fogarty, Booker T Jones, Leonard Cohen, Peter Green. 
The common rap on “Best Of” albums is the omissions. Which popular tracks of the artist are missing? 
My only criticism is that the selection could have included one or two of John’s original compositions. 
They would stand up against the great songs selected. Maybe on “Milestones 2”?

Previous events


Jimmy Barnes support John Francis Carroll

Buckitdream , Melbourne

Supporting Jimmy Barnes at Buckitdream Private Event

John Francis Carroll


Available on iTunes! 'SELECTIONS' New compilation album available for download on iTunes only, includes tracks from all previous albums.


John Francis Carroll

3MDR 97.1FM 'Classically Saturday' with Jules Vines will be doing an interview with me and playing songs from my Celtic CD 'Salmon Tails Up the Water' at 10am this Saturady

5th September, Featured all this week on Reverbnations Crowd Picks

5th September, Featured all this week on Reverbnations Crowd Picks